Wireina (s. Indoctro) 7th in Worldcup Qualifier Poznan

Dec 14, 2015 - 13:28


Wireina (Indoctro x Animo) and Irma Karlsson became 7th in the Worldcup Qualifier of Poznan in Poland.


Carat (Cardento x Krevad) and Robert Vos won a 1.50m class and placed 2nd in a 1.45m class.
Zazou Szumawa (Cantos x Nairobi) and Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski won a 1.35m class and Centoo (Cardento x Aram), ridden by Bruce Goodin, placed 5th.


At the 1* show for young horses Dior V (Indoctro x Garanco), ridden by Hubert Kierznowski), placed 3rd in a 1.30m class and Corlands Blue (Corland x Mr Blue), ridden by Beniamin Drozd, placed 9th in another 1.30m class.


@picture: Carat

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