Delvecchio (s. Zirocco Blue) wins in Frankfurt

Dec 22, 2015 - 17:33


Delvecchio (Zirocco Blue x Ahorn) and Marc Bettinger won a 1.40m and a 1.35m class at the jumping of Frankfurt in Germany. They also placed 9th in another 1.40m class.
Amateur 86 (Millreef VDL x Bergerac) and Saskia Kunz won a 1.40m class.

Dantos HBC (Cantos x Numero Uno), ridden by Willem Greve, placed 3rd in a 1.40m class and 9th in a 1.35m class.


CSI 2* Le Mans, Fance
At the jumping of Le Mans in France offspring of our stallions placed as follows:
Carina (Indoctro x Wellington) and Jamie Wingrove won a 1.35m class and placed 4th in 1.40m and 2nd in 1.35m classes.
U-Cantis (Cantos x Cassini I), ridden by Aldrick Cheronnet, placed 3rd twice in 1.40m classes and Shakira d’Epic (Chin Chin x Galoubet A), ridden by Maxence Dubois, placed 10th in 1.40m and 10th in 1.35m classes.
Sirene des Cresles (Cardento x Narcos II), ridden by Allan Pacha, placed 3rd in a 1.35m class and also 3rd in a 1.30m class. Dakar de Liebri (Chin Chin x Major de la Cour), ridden by Thomas Martin, placed 2nd in a 1.30m class.


@picture: Delvecchio

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