Glasgow van ‘t Merelsnest wins Six Bars Mechelen

Dec 31, 2015 - 13:33


Glasgow van ’t Merelsnest (Nabab de Reve x Darco) and Jur Vrieling won the Puissance of Mechelen, the last jump was at 2 meter hight and Glasgow and Jur took the fence with ease.
They also placed 4th in a 1.45m class.

Amelia (Cantos x Numero Uno) and Karim ElZoghby placed 10th in the Worldcup Qualifier of Mechelen.
Nice Stephanie (Cardento x Ralme Z) and Penelope Leprevost became 3rd in the Grand Prix of Mechelen and Fento Chin (Chin Chin x Carthago), ridden by Joe Clee, placed 5th.

Talina (Matterhorn x Heidelberg) and Douglas Lindelöw won a 1.45m class and Songe de Toscane (Indoctro x Quick Star), ridden by Denis Lynch, won the Special.

10th 1.50m rubriek: Amelia and Karim ElZoghby
4th 1.45m class: Fento Chin and Joe Clee
7th 1.45m class: Talina and Douglas Lindelöw
9th 1.40m class: Cas 2 (Indoctro x Numero Uno), ridden by Cameron Hanley
twice 5th and 8th 1.30m classes: Fragile van ’t Paradijs (Indoctro x Surrealist van ’t Paradijs), ridden by Emilie Conter


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