Clintop (v. Clinton) 4th in Championat Basel with Daniel Deusser

Jan 11, 2016 - 13:31

Daniel Deusser and Clintop (v. Clinton x Calvaro Z) finished 4th in the Championat Basel. in the 1.40 m. clas Werner Muff finished 7th with Colombo (v. Lord Z x Burggraaf) and Melanie Freimüller and Viva la Vida (v. Verdi) were 6th in the international 1.30 m. class.

Emanuelle Gaudiano and Admara (v. Padinus) were 7th in th 1.50 m. class and Philipp Züger and Casanova (v. Clinton x Darco) were 7th in the 1.50 m. class with two Jokers.

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