Quarto Mail (s. Cardento) 4th in Grand Prix Vejer de la Frontera

Feb 16, 2016 - 15:30


Quarto Mail (Cardento x Alligator Fontaine) and Bertram Allen became 4th in the Grand Prix of Vejer de la Frontera in Spain. They also won a 1.35m class.


It’s Real Love vd Smis (Indoctro x J. Liberato), ridden by Jonna Ekberg, placed 9th in a 1.35m class, Joepie du Coeur des Collines (Indoctro x Clinton), ridden by Jack Dodd, placed 3rd and 6th in two 1.30m classes and Da Vinci (Cardento x Goodtimes), ridden by Patrick Nisbett placed 4th in a 1.30m class.


CSI 2* Mijas, Spain
At the jumping of Mijas in Spain, offspring of our stallions placed as follows:
6th 1.45m class: Zydoctro vd Kapel (Indoctro x Landwind), ridden by Diego Perez Bilbao
3rd 1.40m and 5th 1.35m classes: Daylinde (Zirocco Blue x Indoctro), ridden by James Paterson-Robinson
10th 1.40m class: Hilton de Laubry (Atlantic x Askan de Lauzelle), ridden by Damien Haelterman
2nd 1.35m class: Cylandra VDL (Atlantic x Ahorn), ridden by Ezequiel Daponte
3rd and 5th 1.35m classes: Darling HDH (Douglas x Oklund), ridden by Anna Edwards
6th 1.35m and 2nd 1.30m classes: Amarillo (Indoctro x Heartbreaker), ridden by Mischa Everse – van de Kraats
10th 1.35m class: Why Indoctro VDL (Indoctro x Ramiro), ridden by Hassan Jabri
6th 1.30m class: Akasi Chin (Chin Chin x Cilton), ridden by Jami Jensen
twice 2nd 6-year old classes: Fanta Lime (Cantos x Lux), ridden by Shawn Casady
5th 6-year old class: Finola (Cardento x Quick Star), ridden by Mischa Everse – van de Kraats
twice 7th 7- year old classes: Ella Sandra G (Zirocco Blue x Emilion), ridden by Lauren Edwards


CSI 2* Oliva, Spain
At the jumping of Oliva Carina (Indoctro x Wellington) and Jamie Wingrove won a 1.40m class and also became 3rd in another 1.40m class.
Do Spiritivo (Indoctro x Corrado I) and Leopold van Asten won a 1.30m class and became 2nd and 5th in two other 1.30m classes.

6th 1.40m class: Boleybawn Perfection (Douglas x Nearly a Nose XX), ridden by Dan Kremer
6th 1.35m class: Icarus (Douglas x Sioux de Baugy), ridden by Jessica Geurts
7th 1.35m class: Chocotoff (Veron x Orame), ridden by Niklaus Schurtenberger
10th 1.35m class: Cassanove N (Cantos x Indorado), ridden by Baptiste Couperie
8th 1.30m class: Domino van Lange Weeren (Chin Chin x Corland), ridden by Petronella Andersson


@picture: Do Spiritivo


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