Abache HL (s. Cantos) wins Grand Prix San Giovanni in Marignano

Apr 12, 2016 - 22:52

Abache HL (Cantos x Lux) and Charlotte Verhagen have won the Grand Prix of San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy. They also placed 6th in a 1.45m class.

Vesta de Coquerie (Indoctro x Papillon Rouge) and Marc Bettinger won a 1.30m class for young horses.


More offspring of our stallions placed as follows:
8th 1.45m class: Weerdenburg (Cardento x Voltaire), ridden by Max Kühner
8th 1.45m class: Charlotte di Villa Francesca (Cardento x Carpaccio), ridden by Andres Penalosa
2nd 1.40m class: Devlin K (Douglas x Lord Calando), ridden by Gianni Govoni
10th 1.40m class: Cassius vd Smis (Cardento x Skippy II), ridden by Marcel Marschall
10th 1.35m class: Intrigo RS (Indorado x Diamant de Semilly), ridden by Gianni Govoni
3rd 1.30m class: Tulana Imoo (Emilion x I love you), ridden by Umberto Reboldi
4th 1.30m class: Davinci (Sydney x Krunch de Breve), ridden by Francesco Corsi


Deep Blue Bridge S (s. Zirocco Blue) 3rd in Grand Prix Arezzo

Deep Blue Bridge S (Zirocco Blue x Ahorn) and Sven Fehnl became 3rd in the Grand Prix of Arezzo in Italy. They also placed 2nd in a 1.45m class.

Ascot di San Patrignano (Corland x Grannus), ridden by Fernando Fourcade Lopez, won a 1.45m class, Catherina (Indorado x Quick Star), ridden by Gabriele Bresciani, won a 1.35m class just as Sultan de Beaufour (Cardento x For Pleasure), ridden by Iñigo Lopez de la Osa Escribano.


3rd 1.45m class: Dundalk (Douglas x Horace), ridden by Erica Swartz
4th 1.45m class: Orso del Terriccio (v. Indoctro), ridden by Emilio Biocchi
9th 1.45m class: Doe mij die maar VK (Chin Chin x Libero H), ridden by Cecilia Zavattaro
9th and 10th 1.45m classes: Ugano de Coquerie (Indoctro x Papillon Rouge), ridden by Piergiorgio Bucci
5th 1.40m class: Viking (Indoctro x Salamon B), ridden by Suus Kuyten
10th 1.40m class: Dirocco B (Zirocco Blue VDL x Lux), gereden door Alex Duffy
2nd 1.35m class: Verron (Corland x Heartbreaker), ridden by Emiliano Liberati
3rd 1.35m class: Claudia (Cardento x Mazarin), ridden by Loli Mytilineou
5th 1.35m class: Catherina and Gabriele Bresciani
5th and 6th 1.35m classes: Corelis (Indoctro x Lasino), ridden by Giuseppe della Chiesa
6th1.35m class: Carrabawn Douglas (Douglas x Carrols Flight), ridden by Duccio Neri
10th 1.30m class: Leader del Menhir (Corland x Robine), ridden by Alessandra Franchi



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