Extra Time (s. Arezzo VDL) 7th in Grand Prix Lummen

Apr 19, 2016 - 17:54


Extra Time (Arezzo VDL x Quite Easy I) and Kelly Connor became 7th in the 1* Grand Prix of Lummen in Belgium. Danique (Wittinger VDL x Lupicor), ridden by Trevor Breen, placed 10th.


6th 1.30m class: Sunsolde (Corland x Nimmerdor) and Kerstin Deakin
3rd and 7th 1.30m classes: Jack la Motta (Corland x Goodtimes), ridden by Steffi Theiler
10th 1.30m class: Tosca de l’Esques (Cardento x Apache d’Adriers), ridden by Karen Romano Rachid


At the 3* jumping of Lummen the following offspring of our stallions placed in the top 10’s:
3rd 1.45m class: Denychin Ryalk D Lobstination (Chin Chin x Indoctro), ridden by José Thiry
9th 1.45m class: Fento Chin S (Chin Chin x Carthago), ridden by Joe Clee
10th 1.45m and 3rd 1.40m classes: Corlantos (Corland x Cantos), ridden by Benedikte Serigstad Endresen
2nd 1.40m class: Millioninmind (Douglas x Glidawn Diamond), ridden by Joseph Clayton
2nd 1.40m and 10th 1.30m classes: Indora (Indorado x Heartbreaker), ridden by Tobias Meyer
3rd 1.40m class: Clapton (Cantos x Indoctro), ridden by Joe Clee
8th 1.40m class: Gin Chin van ‘t Lindenhof (Chin Chin x Calido I), ridden by Marcus Ehning
8th 1.40m class: Indiaan van Dorperheide (Cardento x Winningmood), ridden by Viktor Daem
10th 1.40m rubriek: Care for Love (Cardento x Quite Easy I), ridden by Micky Morssinkhof
7th 1.35m and 7th 1.30m classes: Dy-Korette (Indorado x Farmer), ridden by Alice Palmer
8th 1.35m and 9th 1.30m classes: Dublin (Cantos x Fedor), ridden by Jelmer Hoekstra

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