Numero Uno-offspring in lap of honor

Apr 19, 2016 - 20:06

No less than three Numero Unos showed up in the lap of honor at CSI2* Oliva. In the 1m40 course all three were double clear. Isperado van het Wingerd Hof (ds.Artos Z) was runner up with Guillaume Foutrier, while No Fear van de Tichelrij Z (ds.Heartbreaker) with Kirsten Rikkert and the Numero Uno-mare Nepalina C with Imma Roquet Autonell ended up 5th and 6th. One day later Guillaume Foutrier was 8th with his Numero Uno-offspring Isperado van het Wingerd Hof in the 1m45 course. At the CSI3* in Lummen the Numero Uno-son Bentley N (ds.Peter Pan) jumped to the 10th place with two clear rounds on 1m40 level with Annelies Vorsselmans.

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