Offspring placed at international shows

May 2, 2016 - 15:16


These descendants of our stallions were placed at international shows last weekend:

29.04.2016 Coapexpan (MEX)
La Bamba by Lordanos out of Chanel's Dream by Charmeur - Wagenaar
Rider: Jose Antonio Chedraui Eguia (MEX)
Breeder: Fritz Krebs
1,50 m 1. Place

29.04.2016 Coapexpan (MEX)
Big Red by Ludwig von Bayern Mother by Lamoureux I - Landadel
Rider: Richard Spooner (USA)
Breeder: Anton Bertram
1,50 m 2. Place

29.04.2016 Redefin (GER)
Luwina P by Ludwig von Bayern out of Antonia by Landsieger I - Alabaster
Rider: Sebastian Elias (GER)
Breeder: Sven Pfleumer
1,50 m 7. Place
1,45 m 2. Place

01.05.2016 Redefin (GER)
Corleone by Corlensky G out of Caritza by Ceylon - Jazz
Rider: Douglas Lindelöw (SWE)
1,45 m 1. Place

29.04.2016 Shanghai (CNA)
Dragon Leon by Lordanos out of Fiane by Pablo – Freiherr
Rider: Kenneth Cheng
Breeder: Rolf-Dieter Segger-Harbers, Ovelgönne
1,45 m 8. Place

28.04.2016 Drammen (NOR)
Obsession Night by Corlensky G out of Cruise on over by Cruise on - Scallywag xx
Rider: Helena Holm (SWE)
Breeder: Anna Lena Rylander
1,45 m 8. Place
1,45 m 9. Place
1,40 m 9. Place

28.04.2016 Drammen (NOR)
Crush by Corlensky G out of Zina by Cardento - Kaliber
Rider: Christoffer Andersson (SWE)
Breeder: Nydala Equestrian
1,40 m 10. Place

01.05.2016 Linz (AUT
Leona 65 by Lordanos out of Fiane by Pablo - Freiherr
Rider: Maria Simakhodskaya (RUS)
Breeder: Rolf-Dieter Segger-Harbers
1,40 m 1. Place

29.04.2016 Ponte de Lima (POR)
Lirion by Landor S out of Sunshine by Silvio - Picard
Rider: Tiago Violas Ferreira (POR)
Breeder: Ursula u. Dr. Hermann Edzards, Esens
1,40 m 8. Place

01.05.2016 Maubeuge (FRA)
Sassicaia by Landor S out of Monney by Nidor Platiere - Prince du Logis x
Rider: Alexandra Francart (FRA)
1,40 m 5. Place

30.04.2016 Drammen (NOR)
BB Lord Dolcetto by Lordanos out of Herzgut by Contendro I - Sandro Hit
Rider: Victoria Presterud (NOR)
1,35 m 12. Place

28.04.2016 Drammen (NOR)
Lederstrumpf by Lordanos out of Susi M by Spartan - Graf Douglas
Rider: Alexandra Emanuelsson (CAY)
Breeder: Hartwig Mundt
1,35 m 11. Place
1,35 m 16. Place

30.04.2016 Linz (AUT)
Corlensky LK by Corlensky G out of Atlanta by Lordanos
Rider: Jiri Papousek (CZE)
Breeder: Kuzdas s.r.o.
1,35 m 8. Place

28.04.2016 Linz (AUT)
Quantus 12 by Quality out of Atlanta by Ars Vivendi - Walldorf I
Rider: Christian Schranz (AUT)
Breeder: Paul Steenberg
1,35 m 15. Place

28.04.2016 Linz (AUT)
Lara Croft by Landor S out of Casalla by Casall
Rider: Magdalena Ziajkowska (POL)
Breeder: Patrycja Dziewolska
1,35 m 6. Place

01.05.2016 Drammen (NOR)
Sonyador T by Casiro out of Juliana by Ladalco - Joost
Rider: Eveliina Talvio (FIN)
Breeder: Timo Talvio
1,35 m 7. Place

30.04.2016 Redefin (GER)
Levante by Landor S out of Wanda by Wendekreis - Grande
Rider: Jessica Vinther Jensen (DEN)
Breeder: Angelika Piepenbrink
1,35 m 3. Place

28.04.2016 Aachen (GER)
Calvin 114 by Casiro out of Panama by Caletto I - Panther X
Rider: Patrick Döller (GER)
Breeder: Harli Seifert
1,30 m 7. Place
1,30 m 9. Place

30.04.2016 Saumur (FRA)
Grandiosa by Stedinger out of Granjana by Don Gregory - Feingau
Rider: Alexandre Ayache (FRA)
Breeder: Stall Troff, Jemgum / Oldendorp
Grand Prix 2. Place

Congratulations to the riders, breeders and owners.

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