Galitao O (v. Verdi) wins young horses Samorin and weekend results Samorin

May 31, 2016 - 10:11

The dutch young horses were very succesfull at the international show of Samorin - 1st Ex Aequo and double clear. :

1st Sander Geerink - Galito O (v. Verdi) - youngsters

1st Sander Geerink - Fozz (v. zambesi x Concorde) - youngsters

1st Anouk de Ruyter - Fiori (v. zacharov x manhattan - youngsters.

1st Karel Polak - Gondeliaz (v. zambesi x verdi) - youngsters.

also succesfull were:

1st Karel polak - manasquan (v. Mr. Blue) in finals 6 year olds

3rd anouk de ruyter - Fiori (v. zacharaov)

14th kaerina mestnhauserova - F-horla (v. eldorado) - double clear

15th Karel Polak - Gondeliaz (v. zambesi x verdi) - double clear.

17th sander geerink - fozz (v. zambesi x concorde) - double clear.

further results:

4st Yannick Jorand - shere khan de bornat (v. burggraaf) - 1.40 m.

2nd Tomas Kuchnar - Hellas vd keizershof (v. lord z) - 1.35 m.

2nd Lukas Zaloznik - Eigenwijs (v. Lord Z) - 7 year olds

4e Zdenek Zila - Dominka (v. Zacharov x Padinus) - 1. 35 m.


in the grand prix; damien Halterman was 9th wigh hooligan de laubry (v. clinton x skippy).

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