Hiske VDP (s. Baltic) and Liverno (s. Hampshire) Champions CK’s

Jul 7, 2016 - 09:29

CK Zuid Holland
The 4 year old mare Hiske VDP ( Baltic x Indorado) became Champion of jumpingbred mares at the CK Zuid Holland last Friday. Hiske VDP is bred and owned by A. van der Poel- de Groot from Hendrik Ido Ambacht. In 2nd place, and the best 3 year old mare, became Izzytimes VDP (Corland x Optimist), also bred and owned by A. van der Poel- de Groot.


La Nadinda Altena (Hennessy x Goodtimes), bred and owned by J. en A.F. Timmerman, placed 2nd in the Championship of the dressagebred foals.


CK Zeeland
Liverno (Hampshire x Indordado), bred and owned by S. Moens from Aagtekerke became Champion of the jumpingbred foals of the CK Zeeland.


Champion of the jumpingbred mares was Gisolde (Cantos x Carolus II), bred by T. Goumans Hermus from Smakt and owned by K. Minderhoud from Koudekerke. The best 3 year old mare was Isarah van de Westerhoeve (Baltic VDL x Indorado) bred by D. Herinckx from Dreischor.

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