Zacramento (s. Cardento) 9th in Grand Prix Münster

Sep 1, 2016 - 12:07


Zacramento (Cardento x Cortus) and Douglas Lindelöw became 9th in the 4* Grand Prix of Münster in Germany.


Cas (Indoctro x Numero Uno), ridden by Cameron Hanley, placed 5th in a 1.45m class and Quarto Mail (Cardento x Alligator Fontaine), ridden by Jack Dodd, placed 8th in a 1.40m class.


Dalien Swally R.P. (Indoctro x Lupicor), ridden by Katrin Eckermann, placed 9th in a 1.35m young jumpers class and the placed 2nd in the Final of the Youngster Cup.


@picture: Cas 2

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