VDL Cartello and Baltic VDL high placed at Baltic Horse Show

Oct 10, 2016 - 11:31


James Billington traveled with the stallions VDL Baltic and Cartello VDL and our mare Celena VDL off to Kiel to take part in the Baltic Horse Show, a 3 star horse show. The results were very good with high placings:
VDL Cartello jumped to an 8th place in the 1.55m Grand Prix of Kiel.
VDL Baltic became 5th in a 1.50m class, this was a qualifier class for the Grand Prix
With Celena VDL he finished 9th in a 1.40m class.


Click at the following links to watch the rounds of Baltic VDL and VDL Cartello:

VDL Cartello 8th 1.55m Grand Prix Kiel

Baltic VDL 5th 1.50m Kiel


Robert Vos won a 1.50m class with Carat (Cardento x Krevad) and with Interline H (Indoctro x Elmshorn) he was 2nd in a 1.40m class.

Corlantos (Corland x Cantos), ridden by Benedikte Endresen, placed 5th in a 1.50m class.


@picture: Baltic

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