H&M Flip’s Little Sparrow (s. Cardento) 8e in Wereldbeker Oslo

Oct 18, 2016 - 16:21


H&M Flip’s Little Sparrow (Cardento x Robin I Z) and Peder Fredricson became 8th in the Worldcup Qualifier of Oslo in Norway.

10th 1.45m class: Angel van ’t Hof (Chin Chin x Nabab de Reve), ridden by Niels Bruynseels
7th 1.40m class: Arakorn (Cantos x Damiro), ridden by Geir Gulliksen
8th 1.40m class: Briljantbridge B (Radisson x Glennridge), ridden by Pål Flam

CSI 2*
9th 1.45m class: Mid Summer Nights Dream (Emilion x Jus de Pomme), ridden by Lisa Ulven
5th 1.40m class: Indoletto (Indoctro x Caletto I), ridden by Erik Preben Strand
2nd 1.30m class: Top of the Hill (Corland x Clover Hill), ridden by John Hicky
4th, 6th and 8th 1.30m classes: Zydoctro vd Kapel (Indoctro x Landwind), ridden by Diego Perez Bilbao
twice 5th and 7th 1.30m classes: Cute S (Pessoa VDL x Quite Easy I), ridden by Robin Ingvarsson


@picture: Zydoctro vd Kapel

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