Zacramento (s. Cardento) 4th in Worldcup Qualifier Verona and weekend results

Nov 16, 2016 - 11:20


Zacramento (Cardento x Cortus) and Douglas Lindelöw became 4th in the 5* Worldcup Qualifier of Verona, Italy.


Nice Stephanie (Cardento x Ralme Z) and Penelope Leprevost won the Accumulator class.


5th 1.50m and 9th Accumulator classes: Arakorn (Cantos x Damiro), ridden by Geir Gulliksen
6th 1.50m class: Durania K (Douglas x Sydney), ridden by Sergio Alvarez Moya
2nd 1.45m class: Cassius van de Smis (Cardento x Skippy II), ridden by Marcel Marschall


At the 2* jumping of Verona, offspring of our stallions placed as follows:
5th 1.40m class: Cartherina (Indorado x Quick Star), ridden by Gabriele Bresciani
2nd 1.35m class: Isabel FZ (Indorado x Carthago), ridden by Jonathan Ciardelli
5th 1.35m class: Wianna (Indoctro x Burggraaf), ridden by Francesco Vergine
3rd Six Bars: Dorus (Harley VDL x Iroko), ridden by Micky van de Oetelaar
2nd 1.30m class: Abine V (Sydney x Concorde), ridden by Nicola Visentin
7th 1.30m class: Cavanta (Indoctro x Lux), ridden by Elisabetta Barberi



CSI2*Mijas, Spain
10th 1.45m class: Bardolino (Cardento x Lux), ridden by Reiko Takeda
4th 1.40m class: Tosca de L’Esques (Cardento x Apache d’Ardriers), ridden by Karen Romano Rachid
3rd 1.35m and 5th 1.30m classes: Waronetta (Cantos x Ramiro), ridden by Johnny Pals
6th and 7th 1.30m classes: Gloria vd Barlebuis (Quasimodo vd Molendreef x Couleur Rubin), ridden by Florence Seydoux
8th 1.30m class: Costa Curta (Cardento x Prince Mab XX), ridden by Lani Sutherland



CSI3*Opglabbeek Belgium
3rd 1.40m class: Harley (Harley VDL x Burggraaf), ridden by Pilar Lucrecia Cordon
6th 1.40m class: Dundalk (Douglas x Horace), ridden by Erica Swartz
2nd 1.35m class: Chief Tibri Z (Corland x Berlin), ridden by João Victor Castro
4th 1.35m class: Yalambi’s Chiquita (Chin Chin x Indoctro), ridden by Evie Buller
7th 1.35m class: Action P (Sheraton x Lester), ridden by Jody van Gerwen


@picture: Nice Stephanie

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