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An evening with the Sosath Stallions: 20 Stallions will be presented

Jan 24, 2017 - 17:11


On Saturday, the 11th of February at 7 pm, Hof Sosath will present its 20 breeding stallions and a selection of their offspring in the auction hall at Vechta. The stallion station operates under the slogan "Breeding and sport together in one place". The presentation will be broadcasted live via www.clipmyhorse.tv.

Within the program, the stallions and their families will be shown. In addition to the well known stallions, there are three promising new members at the Sosath stable. One highlight is the bright winner stallion of the Oldenburg licensing, Fürst Fabrice by Fürstenball - Sandro Hit - Castro. The three-year-old will be shown under saddle in public for the first time. Gerd Sosath is enthusiastic: "To have the current winner stallion at our station is something very special. After our self-bred winner stallions Lagoheidor (1994) and Stedinger (2002), he is the third one. This young stallion fascinated us with his rideability and motivation from the first day on."

Also completely new is the Hanoverian Lyon, a son of Lord Argentinus - Lex Lugar - Couleur-Rubin. Gerd Sosath spotted him at the pre-selection last year and saw his potential: "I saw this modern, athletic youngster and bought him right away. I am very pleased that the he also convinced the commission at the licensing."
The third stallion is the premium stallion of the Westphalian licensing 2015, Comme Prévu. He descends from Comme il faut - Quinta Real - Balou du Rouet and satisfied at his 50-days-test as best three-year-old. "With the latest bloodlines, he brings a lot of diversity to the stallion collection. This three-quarter-brother of Comilfo Plus is a jumper with all possibilities and due to his great dam line, he will be an interesting sire", says the station owner.

Surely, the proven stallions will be in Vechta, too. The jumpers Cador, Campitello, Casalido, Casiro and Ogano will be there as well as Diamant de Landor, Diamant de Plaisir, Naldo, Casino Berlin and Casino Grande.
The dressage stallions will be represented by Adoro, Beniro and Devonport as well as Florenz, For Dance and Honoré du Soir. The 24-year-old Lordanos will stay at home but is available for the breeders via fresh and frozen semen worldwide.
As the station is known for their "family portraits", the mothers, sisters and other relatives of the home-bred stallions will be shown.

All stallions and further information can be found on www.sosath.com or on facebook (Hof Sosath). Tickets are available at our station (via E-Mail to hengstschau@sosath.com or telephone +49 (0) 421-675863). For anyone who is unable to attend the live show at Vechta, but is interested in viewing the presentation can watch the whole show live on the internet, at www.clipmyhorse.tv.

The next event will be the Open Day at Easter Saturday, April 15th.
A foal championship, stallion presentation and a great exhibition about horses, garden and lifestyle make this Open Day a trip for the whole family.

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