Fürst Fabrice - 14-days-test successfully passed

Apr 20, 2017 - 08:38


Fürst Fabrice, the current Oldenburg stallion champion, passed his 14-days-test in Adelheidsdorf with a very good, second best dressage-stressed end mark of 8,55.

Head of the judges, Heinrich Plaas-Beisemann, member of the licensing commission of Westphalia, was full of praise: "[A stallion, that] has done a very good job at this test, always motivated. Therefor the marks for charakter and temperament 9.

The trot very good through the body, in the front in the turnarounds very evenly in the process, very light-footed, with good power and buoyancy, always energetic from the hind-quarters: 9,0. The canter upwards from the beginning on both handy, maybe a little better on the right hand: 8,0. The walk is also clearly given, in four-stroke, with good ground coverage, freely moving shoulder and stretching nicely: 8.5. The rideability is very balanced on the right hand, always fixed on the rider, with goof ground coverage, nice stretching, ahead-downward to the hand: 9.0.

Rideability by the foreign rider: 8.5; dressage-stressed end mark: 8.55."

Fürst Fabrice is already back home and is available for our breeders with chilled semen.


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