Diamant de Plaisir and Ogano approved for Holstein

Apr 24, 2017 - 08:35


Diamant de Plaisir and Ogano appealed at the Holstein approval. The Hanoverian and the Belgian (BWP) Youngster received the licensing for the Holsteiner Verband, they are from now on available for the Holstein breeders with chilled and frozen semen ath the Sosath Stud.

Diamant de Plaisir became jumping-stressed winner of his licensing in Finland 2015, where he was the most frequented stallion in that year. He completed his 50-days-test successfully in Adelheidsdorf 2016, receiving the highest marks for jumping (scope 9.5, technique 8.5) and the final score of 8.6. Diamant de Plaisir became Hanoverian Young Jumper's Champion of the 4-year-olds in August 2016 with an exceptional mark of 9.3.

Ogano performed very well at his 30-days-test and got a jumping emphasised mark of 8.15. This year, he finished his stallion sport test as best five-year-old with an extraordinary final score of 9.2. Ogano shined with a 10.0 for his scope and his jumping manners received a 9.5. One of his first foals became champion at the Lemwerder foal championship last week.



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