Many young horses and junior riders show their talent at Hof Sosath

May 2, 2017 - 17:16


Lemwerder – Last weekend many young horses and riders showed their talent at the competition at Hof Sosath. More than 100 young jumping horses presented their skills under best conditions on Friday. The experts Jan Crome-Sperling and Jürgen Esch commented on every ride of the well prepared jumpers. Crome-Sperling was full of praise in the evening: "It was a lovely, well organised show with the best possibilities for the horses and riders. We saw great rounds and very promising youngsters." He added with a smile: "Many riders had a little bad luck and little faults, otherwise there would have been a more mixed result. Furthermore the qualification for the Junior's Championship of Oldenburg and a talent sighting took place. The young riders were a major attraction and many helping hands ensured a smooth procedure. The weather became better every day and the last day was as sunny as it could be.

Comme Prévu wins first competition

It was the very first start for the handsome stallion and he won right away. Hendrik Sosath and Comme Prévu won the 1.10 m young horses test for 4-year-old horses with a score of 8.6. Second became Denise Ahrens with Christina 16 (7,8) and Jacek Neidrowski was third with Dream Buie (7,6).

Great performances in the 1.15 m class

Donizetti, presented by Thomas Heineking, convinced the judges over 1.15 m for young horses and scored a 8.6. Placed second was Hendrik Sosath with Diamant de Plaisir (8,5) and third became Dennis Schlüsselburg with Raissa (8,4).

Many pairs in the 1.20 m jumping

60 pairs competed in the two 1.20 m classes. The first one won Diamant de Plaisir with Hendrik Sosath (8.5), second became Quick Bob and Lasse Thormählen (8.3). Placed third were Thomas Heinkeing with Donizetti (8.2).

The second test was also won by Hendrik Sosath with Campitello (8.5), second became Hendrik Sosath as well, with his horse Livester (8.3). Chucks and Thomas Heineking (8.2) were placed third.

Top-class horses in the highest class

Hendrik Sosath could also triumph in the 1.30 m class. Lady Cadora, winning a same-level class a few days before, was ahead again. The sister of Cador und Cadora scored 8.6 right before stallion Campitello (8.5). Placed third was Dennis Schlüsselburg with Ernie 77 (8.2). On the fourth place was Loort Fleddermann with Sir Henrie (8.1). Stefanie Mirchel became fifth with her self-bred Coriado M by Corlensky G.

Talented pairs in the dressage competitions

On Saturday, the Juniors of the dressage class A had to get up early. Well rested had and in top form was Clemens Feldmann with his horse Caprese, who won the first group of the competition. Closely behind him were Lea-Marie Last with Cosima and Lena Behrens with Honey de Luxe. The second group was won by Nele Idelmann with her pony Bounty. Philippa Hodes with Barolo M and Leonie Kleber with Beach Boy R became second and third.
Lina Marie Tapken with Conroyal WE won the dressage class L (talent sighting). Kim Tamara Tapkenhinrichs with De Moné became second and third was Leonie Böttcher with Valentino la Vida.

All-round riders with great horses and ponys in class E

The Juniors of the combined competition of the class E absolved a dressage and jumping test at E-level. The most best all-rounder was Nele Idelmann with her pony Janett. Second and third became Lea Kristin Schmidt with Rawina and Nele Heimbrock with Delius A. The judges were very happy with the promising Juniors, among them many boys, with super horses and ponys.

Great performances in the jumping classes

On Sunday, the winners of the jumping class A were Swaantje Herlyn with Wild West Charly by Lordanos and Paul Wassenberg with Cinderella. Placed second were Leonie Hoffmann and Chealse as well as Lena Reuding and Dana. Moritz Baum and Chaccolino S as well as Merle Weymann and Charisma became third. All placed riders scored 8.0 and better.
Highlight of the day was the jumping class L of the talent sighting. The winner of the A-level was again the measure of all things. Paul Wassenberg and Cinderella let all girls behind them and won with an 8.1. Second became Lea-Marie Grätz with Coolio, placed third were Fenja Rüdebusch with Saphir de Rampan. The twelve placed pairs are qualified for the big final in Rastede.

Amateurs present young horses

Amateurs took the chance to ride a "closed" test for young jumping horses on Sunday. In the class A won Nicole Willenborg with Dakota. Runner-up was Tomke Ehlers and My Chin Chin. Placed third was Friederike Nienaber with La Colina Toscana. This pair won the L-test and Tomke Ehlers and My Chin Chin became second again. Third was Katharina Pfau with Narnia's Beste.

Photos and videos as memory

The happy winners and placed recieved not only ribbons but valuable priced, sponsered by German Horse Pellets, Horslyx, Alvorado Reitsport, Uvex, Jaraz, Jose Alvarez und Öffentliche Versicherungen

Furthermore, all competitions were filmed by Profoto.

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