Dougie Douglas (s. Douglas) 2nd in Grand Prix Old Salem

May 24, 2017 - 17:52


Dougie (Douglas x High Roller) and Katherine Dinan became 2nd in the $ 130.000 Empire State Grand Prix at the show of Old Salem.

Eddie Blue (Zirocco Blue x Marlon) and Devin Ryan became 4th in a Jumper Classic class.


Beezie (s. Cardento) 5th in Grand Prix Kentucky

Beezie (Cardento x Canabis) and Shane Sweetnam became 5th in the Grand Prix of the Kentucky Spring Classic Horse Show. Thriller P (Cardento x Lucky Light) and Ignacio Maurin became 6th.

In the Welcome Speed class Cyklon 1083 (Cardento x Cortus), ridden by Shane Sweetnam, placed 3rd and VDL Aberlino (Corland x Purioso) placed 7th.


@picture: Dougie Douglas

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