Sons of Zirocco Blue winning at Outdoor Gelderland

Jul 3, 2017 - 17:28


Zirocco Blue his sons Fugero Carlos and Florian did fantastic at Outdoor Gelderland and both were winning two classes.

Florian (Zirocco Blue x Cardento), ridden by Albert Zoer won the Small Tour Final and they were also winner of a 1.40m class. They also finished 4th in a 1.35m class.

Our own Fugero Carlos won with rider Ernesto Canseco Olvera a 1.25m class and a 1.20m class. Ernesto Canseco also won a 1.40m class with our topmare Celebrity VDL (Indoctro x Emilion).

Arlando (Harley x Animo) placed with his rider Roelof Bril in 6th place in the Grand Prix of Outdoor Gelderland

Also high placed were:
3e Six Bars Damino van Lange Weeren (Chin Chin x Corland), ridden by Bart Bles
3e 1.40m + 6e 1.45m Carat (Cardento x Krevad), ridden by Robert Vos
8e 1.25m Cristanna Z (Cardento x Adagio IV), ridden by Roberto Previtali


@picture: Zirocco Blue

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