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Sosath's young stallions present their first age groups

Jul 11, 2017 - 14:49


First foals of Devonport, Diamant de Plaisir, For Dance and Ogano

Lemwerder, Germany – Many breeders and interested came to Lemwerder on the 4th and 5th of July to view the 150 registered foals at the show. The best youngsters got a premium, the very best ones were invited to either a second auction selection or were directly invited to the auction.

The guests were especially excited about the evaluation of the first offspring. No less than four stallions were showing their first foals this year. As each of these stallions compete for the Oldenburg main premium prize this year, their foals were evaluated and ranked separately. The Oldenburg licensing judge Dr. Evelin Schlotmann and the Oldenburg breeding director Dr. Wolfgang Schulze-Schleppinghoff commented the prospects. Both were enthusiastic on their performance.

On the one hand, the first foals of Devonport (Dancier x Ravallo) were shown. The filly by Devonport out of Quadriga by Quaterback - Stedinger became the winner, breeder and owner is Gerd Sosath, Lemwerder. Overall, Devonport's foals convinced with their great tact, all were soundly built.

On the other hand, For Dance' (For Romance x Rubiloh) foals were longingly awaited, too, and they exceeded the expectations: Dr. Wolfgang Schulze-Schleppinghoff commented on his foals as very good types with very good movements, long-legged, with very good eyes and walk. Winner foal became a colt by For Dance out of Fenja by Quaterback - Lordanos, bred by Volker Steenken, Ganderkesee.

The jumping sire Diamant de Plaisir (Diamant de Semilly x For Pleasure) showed "harmonic, very sporty foals, with a lot of body, a lot of elasticity, good mechanic, neck and muscle", said Oldenburg licensing judge Dr. Evelin Schlotmann. The winner foal was bred by Werner Weddehage, Nikolausdorf, a colt by Diamant de Plaisir out of Kantana by Lordanos - Zeus.

The first foals of sport test-winner Ogano excited the breeders and judges at the evaluation. Dr. Evelin Schlotmann was delighted by Ogano: "So many very good foals on the end ring. Foals that are were well built, long-legged, with a harmonic exterior. All foals had an absolutely active hindleg in the trot and are fitted with very much activity and dynamic, all are built up-hill. These foals all convinced with their canter, and that really excited us. Beautiful types, easygoing, a modern jumping sire, as we desire." The winner, a colt by Ogano out of Chandra by Landor S - Cor de la Bryère, was bred by Sönke Schmacker, Oldenburg.

Overall 89 foals got a premium, 18 were named elite foal and 16 were directly invited to the auction.

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