Zirocco Blue offspring winning at CSI Zuidwolde

Jul 25, 2017 - 17:54


Youngsters by Zirocco Blue are winning and high placed in the Youngster Tours at CSI Zuidwolde.

1e + 2e 7 year olds Fresco Blue (Zirocco Blue x Indoctro), ridden by Maaike Ten Berg-Bijlsma
2e + 4e 7 years olds Florian (Zirocco Blue x Cardento), ridden by Albert Zoer
1e + 4e 6 years olds Guessina (Zirocco Blue), ridden by Hester Klompmaker
1e + 2e 6 years olds G-Vingino-Blue (Zirocco Blue x Orame), ridden by Danielle Goldstein


More classes were won by offspring of VDL Stallions:

Giancara VDL (Sheraton x Acobat II) won with her rider Dennis van de Brink the 1* Grand Prix van CSI Zuidwolde.
Vrauke W (Corland x Renville), ridden by Sailub Lertratanachai, won the 1.35m Bronze tour final.

Fairy Tail (Emillion x Laroche), won a class for 7 year olds with her rider Marcelle Hokse

Bosch Blue (Cantos x Mr. Blue) won a 1.35m class with Nick van de Broek


James Billington was very successful with Comfortuna VDL, they jumped a clear round in the 1.45m ranking class and placed 6th in a 1.40m class. VDL Edgar M (Arezzo x Marlon), ridden by Lennard de Boer placed 2nd in this class.

Our mare Fancy Roos VDL (Baltic x Goodtimes) placed 5th in a 1.35m class and became 6th in the 1.40m Championat of Veeningen. She is ridden by Maud Roosendaal.


More high placings were there for:
2nd + 3rd 1.30m: Zorado (Indorado x Elmshorn), ridden by Danielle Goldstein
2nd 6-years : Guapa (Cantos x Celano), ridden by Angelique Hoorn
3rd 1.20m: Gymolga (Arezzo VDL x Indoctro), ridden by Rianne Visscher
4th 1.30m Delia B (Cantos x Voltaire), ridden by Jack Ansems
4th 6-years: Goddess Taonga(v. Boss), ridden by Arjen van Diepen
5th 1.40m: Bocelli (Indoctro x Lux), ridden by Mark Bunting'
5th 7-years: Iron Man 15 (Indoctro x Diamant De Semilly), ridden by Bart Van Der Maat
5th 1.20m: G-Eleven (Emilion x Indoctro), ridden by Renate Beuving
5th + 6th 1.20m: Freestyle (Cantos x Andiamo), ridden by Aniek Diks
6e 1.40m: Winston Jumper (Cantos x Concorde), ridden by Aniek Diks
6th 6-years: Gamble VDL (v. Campbell), ridden by James Billington
7th 7-years: Fairy Tail (Emillion x Laroche), ridden by Marcelle Hokse
7th 1.20m: Elisabelle S (Cardento x Calvados), ridden by Coen Kerbert
8th 6-years: Greenfield (Emilion x Carolus II), ridden by Emile Karim Fares
8th 1.35m: Indoletto (Indoctro x Caletto I), ridden by Erik Preben Strand
9th 1.35m Easy Again (Arezzo x Indoctro), ridden by Maureen Bonder
9th 1.20m: Elmo (v. Zapatero), ridden by Sylvana Wezeman
9th 1.20m: Eager (Douglas x Concorde), ridden by Iris de Paauw


@picture: Zirocco Blue

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