Devonport is Bundeschampion

Sep 7, 2017 - 09:29


Championship of the four-year-old stallions...

Exactly 20 years after the victory at the Bundeschampionate of Landor S, Hof Sosath has a second Bundeschampion: Devonport wins the competition of the four-year-old stallions with a notable lead and becomes Bundeschampion 2017.
No bidder at the foal auction, one of the low-priced licensed stallions at the auction, riding class winner as a three-year-old and medalist at the county championship with Lukas Fischer and now four-years-old with Rieke Schnieder, winner of the sport-test, multiple riding class champion, Hanoverian county champion and now Bundeschampion.
He received a mark of 9.1 before being ridden by the test riders, who marked him with 9.0 and 9.5.
Many thanks to all involved, the dressage team Rieke Schnieder and Alexander Werner, the trainer, Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen, the raiser, Norbert Borgmann, and the whole Sosath-team, that cares for Devonport at home!

Translated comment of Devonport by Reinhard Richenhagen:
"Then we look at the 337, Devonport, for-years-old, Hanoverian son of Dancier, damsire Ravallo, breeder Christine Miesner, owned by Gerd Sosath. And now the whole comment for this well constructed and accordingly moving stallion, whose motivity and transmission are just right, which emphasises a perfect trot and canter sequenz. For the trot: just very good. Dynamic, always in rhythm, controlled, the criteria for a good trot suppleness, elasticity, engagement of the hindlegs, mark for the trot: 9.0.
Not to make it any more complicated: Canter, walk: 9.0. Overall, all gaits are very good. In the rhytm, balanced, the walk a good, marked stride, always in time, with engagement and all gaits really balanced.
The conformation: this horse was really sensitively presented by the rider, with a good contact, good posture, accepting the guidance of the rider. And when you consider that such a young stallion stands here, calm, with a good face, ears to the front, and he also proved that under saddle. Always attentive, my compliment, with such expression without any tension, but very sporty. Mark: 9.5! [applause]
Wait, we still have a nine. The charming stallion receives due to his modernity, his good construction. his strong hindlegs, neck and beauty with good foundation, a mark of 9.0 for his exterior. And everyone who can do the math, already knows: End-mark 9.1, very good, congratulations!"


Photo: LL-Foto

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