Six Blue Hors horses qualified for young horse championships

Sep 20, 2017 - 10:48

Our riders Allan Grøn and Daniel Bachmann qualified six horses for the Danish championships for young horses that will take place from Thursday October 12th till Sunday October 15th at our facility.

4-year old: Zampalo
BLUE HORS ZACK x BOCCIA van BRENTANO), 8,5; 9; 8,6; 9,5; 9 - Average 8.920
Rider: Daniel Bachmann

5-year old: Blue Hors Zirrus
(BLUE HORS ZACK x FIESTA'S GIRL van DONNERHALL), 9; 8,4; 8,4; 9; 8,8 - Average 8,72
Rider: Allan Grøn

5-year old: Blue Hors Zalabaster
(BLUE HORS ZACK X AGLAJA van ALABASTER), 8,5; 7,8; 8,7; 8,5; 8,8 - Average 8,46
Rider: Allan Grøn

6-year old: Blue Hors St. Schufro
(ST. MORITZ JUNIOR x DORINA van BLUE HORS DON SCHUFRO) 9,8; 8,5; 9,5; 9,2; 9,8 - Average 9,36
Rider: Allan Grøn

6-year old: Blue Hors Farrell
(FÜRSTENBALL x DESERT ROSE van DACAPRIO) 9; 8,5; 9; 9,2; 9,5; - Average 9,04
Rider: Allan Grøn

7-year old: Blue Hors Zee Me Blue
Qualified after selection for World Championships for young horses
Ruiter: Daniel Bachmann

105 youngsters run for the championship titles

Ridingsport enthusiasts can look forward to a very special experience for this year Danish Championship finals, where Blue Hors for the first time hosts four days of competitions for future dressage and jumping stars.

In jumping, the champions are selected among the 4-, 5- and 6-year-old horses.
Also the champions in the dressage are selected among 4-, 5-, and 6-year horses, and as something new also among 7 year old horses.

The Danish Championship for young horses aims to find this year’s best young horse in dressage and jumping. These championships for youngsters is highly popular not only among riders in the country but also among the Danish breeders.


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