Blue Hors Zack wins Grand Prix and Freestyle in Darmstadt

Sep 23, 2017 - 21:20

Blue Hors Zack and his rider Daniel Bachmann Andersen won the Grand Prix and the Freestyle to Music at the CDI4* in Darmstadt (Germany). Zack-son Sezuan won the Prix St Georges and the Intermediate I with superb scores.

Daniel told us that he rode Blue Hors Zack in the Grand Prix a little conservative to be sure that they would qualify for the Freestyle. With a percentage of 71.080 they even won the Grand Prix at the four star show in Germany.
In the Freestyle it even went better and with a personal best of 78.785 % they were victorious. Daniel look forward to their next start, the world cup qualifier in Herning.

Ridden by Dorothee Schneider Zack-son Sezuan convinced in the Prix St Georges (80.833%) and the Intermediate I with 79.342 and won both classes. In the warming up ring father Zack and son Sezuan met each other. Both stallions made good publicity for themselves.


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