Blue Hors Zack third in World Cup qualifier Salzburg

Dec 11, 2017 - 14:09

Blue Hors Zack and Daniel Bachmann Andersen with new personal best third in World Cup Salzburg.

“Zack was with me all the way today during the Freestyle. All that we have worked on at home succeeded to the full, and I'm really, really proud and pleased to be in the top. I have always believed in Zack and now we get allowed to prove it. It is so awesome!”, tells an enthusiastic Daniel after his third place in the World Cup qualifier in Salzburg.

A new record of 80.375% in the Freestyle to Music and commentators on FEI tv nevertheless agreed that they did not get as many points for their ride as he should have been. ‘He is just getting better and better’.

In the Grand Prix on Saturday Daniel and Zack were placed third with a percentage of 70.020. After the fourth place in Herning and the third place in Salzburg Zack and Daniel have increased their chances of getting one of the coveted spots for the World Cup finals, to be held in Paris next spring.

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