Fürst Fabrice is Hövener Reitpferdechampion

May 16, 2018 - 16:12


A great weekend for our dressage team. The Oldenburg stallion champion 2016, Fürst Fabrice, became "Hövener Reitpferdechampion" (champion of the riding class at Höven) with a mark of 8.8 (trot 8.5; canter 8.5; walk 9.0; rideability 9.0; conformation 9.0). He already won the qualification on Friday. There, he received a mark of 8.7 and was the clear leader.

Van Primero placed right after his neighbour with a mark of 8.3 (trot 8.0; canter 9.0; walk 7.5; rideability 8.5; conformation 8.5). The qualification on Friday was the first competition for the licensed Van Primero. He mastered this first performance. He won the riding class for three-year-olds with a mark of 8.1. A great start for the youngster bred by Katja Temp, that recently became the dressage winner of the 14-days-test.

Both stallions were presented by Rieke Schnieder.

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