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Sep 3, 2018 - 10:17


Day one
Totally packed up, the trip to Warendorf started on Tuesday at lunchtime. Full of anticipation for the Bundeschampionat, Hendrik, Ricardo and I reached in Warendorf in the early afternoon. There weren't many competitors yet, as the classes won't start until Wednesday. After a successful passport control we were able to move into our boxes. The good this was there were two strong men this time who can help me. Quite a lot of luggage and food had to be reloaded for a week and six horses. After all horses were happily in their stables, I quickly realized that something was missing. Suddenly there was no internet. Unfortunately, this makes reporting for the coming days more difficult than expected. Hendrik and Ricardo rode the horses to show them new surroundings. For most young horses it is their first overnight tournament. This is of course particularly exciting. After feeding the horses, my day ended at 7.30p.m. Shortly after falling asleep, we received an emergency call from the stable steward. Luckily - all horses were ok. After we filled up the water buckets, we went to bed again and could sleep calmly till the alarm rang at 5:45 o'clock the next morning.
Excited greeting from Warendorf


Day two
Before 6 o'clock we were already in the stable to feed, water and muck out. All the horses were doing well. Then we had breakfast - horses first. We should have Hendrik's first horse ready for riding by 8 o'clock. At 10:30 a. m. the first classes started and all the Sosath horses started in the class. More than 110 6-year-old horses started. Casino Grande made his debut - just like his father Casino Berlin. Without faults and also stylistically very nice, he received a score of 8. 9. The 6-year-old horses are not only judged by mistakes and time, but also by style. Well done! Then it was Ricardo and Calu Rubin's turn. For both it was the first start at the Bundeschampionat ever. They did really well with only a slight mistake. Things can go on like this. Thomas started again this year with Diamant de Plaisir. The two showed a fast and clear - 5. place.
Short break at lunch! We were almost running a bit late. Quick to Comme Prévu. It was the debut for the 5-year-old. Wow - how great he is coping with all the task! With an 8. 4 he was placed 6th at the end.
Once again totally exhausted and unfortunately still without internet, we took care of the horses and prepared everything in the stable for the night. Then work was over and we had some time for our friend who are also competing in Warendorf. The company in Warendorf is always very nice and makes this shoe so special. But it will be an early start tomorrow again.

Pleased about the successful of first day


Photos always up-to-date in the Instagram story @hof_sosath.

Day three
Because there is only time in the evening to write the blog, I always need a few minutes to think about what has happened in the day.
The day started with basic things. Hendrik rode two horses a bit, I lunge one and then it was already 9 o'clock. We still needed a horse in the stable: Casalido arrived at 9:30 a. m. Hendrik prepared Casalido with his father Gerd as every day. Thomas Heineking, who had time to watch previously riders and told Hendrik about the difficulties of the course. The course was very difficult and the fences high. Casalido did really well and finished the course with a slight mistake.
Just a very short break, which was used to roll up the bandages, clean the saddles and plaid the next horses. Then it was time for the 6-year-old youngsters. The second qualification was due. Casino Grande confirmed his performance of the previous day, remained without faults and showed a stylistically super round. In the evening we were told that he is qualified for the final. Just a few minutes later it was Calu Rubin’s turn. I nearly missed him because I had to bring Casino Grande back in his box. But I arrived in time: Calu Rubin showed no signs of being tired. The triple combination, however, became a source for errors. Sad - but Ricardo can attack again in the small final and try to qualify for the big final there. Because they're both in good condition.After a short lunch break for me, Diamant de Plaisir (just called "Dino" by us) started. Thomas and Dino flew again over the course. With quick clear round they also qualified for the final.
Meanwhile dressage class of For Dance was on, which I couldn't follow. With a total mark of 8. 0, he became 9th in a huge field of 80 starters.
Around 3 p.m. the jumpers were finished for the day and I could have a look around the exhibition.
After feeding the horses the whole team went to see the riding horse. Rieke and Fürst Fabrice started in the evening in this class. It brought back memories. Last year Devonport won this test and became Bundeschampion two days later. The 4-year-old Fürst Fabrice wasn’t impressed by the environment. He received a total score of 8. 1. In the End it meant the 5th place and the qualification for the big final.

That was a successful day – it can go on like this. Let's see what Friday brings.
Today I will go to bed early - the next days will be exhausting enough.

Motivated greetings from the Bundeschampionat

Your Celine

Day four
First thing in the morning was mucking out. Shortly after that Hendrik came. He wanted to ride his horses as early as possible so that he could celebrate the birthday of his wife in the evening.
The first horses in the course was Casalido 9:30a.m. Also, today it was a very difficult course for the 7-year-old horses. Casalido was very motivated again, but unfortunately, he had another stupid mistake.
After Casalido was washed and back in his stable, I lunged the 6-year-old horses, which will start again on Sunday in the big final. All horses where fir and showed no signs of being tired.
Today I did not forget the time and prepared Comme Prévu. He was very relaxed and satisfied during the warm-up. He performed very well but a slight mistake. He received an 8. 2 as his basic mark. With the two good rounds Comme Prévu qualified for the final on Sunday. Now all jumping stallions are in the big final.
After this ride Hendrik was finished for today and had time for his family. I stayed in Warendorf and made sure that all horses are comfortable. In the evening Ricardo came back to Warendorf to ride his Calu. Tomorrow they will start in the small final. After feeding the horses we had a little sit in in front of the truck. Ricardo went to bed early and I stopped by the "cabin". A nice bar, where I meet many friends from my time at the DOKR again.

Will we see you in Warendorf this weekend?

Greetings from a great show

Your Celine

Day five
Ricardo came back this morning after spending a day at home, riding his other horses. It was really nice, because it is much more fun to work together. In the morning there was also a really nice sunrise.
After feeding we longed all the horses with a halter, so that they could run “free”. When this was done, we wanted to have breakfast and stroll through the stands. But I guess we were a little early - everyone was still asleep. So we went back to the horses and started to get Calu ready. Actually Hendrik and Gerd wanted to be there on time for Ricardo's start at 12 o'clock. But as always, the time schedule change and they were not in time, so I spontaneously took over the part of the trainer. Of course, this increased my nervousness even more. When I arrived at the course I was the camerawoman. Not an easy task when you're so nervous. Ricardo got into the second phase without any mistakes and my heart was beating even faster. But then they took a close turn in the last distance and the poles of the last two jumps fell. The grain of happiness was missing.
Henrik was already waiting in the stable when we came back. He had managed the traffic over the A1 and could ride all his horses. Before his next start in the evening I got a visit from Alisa. She is a journalist and instagram star and interviewed me about our horses. I am already quite curious about the complete video (unfortunately I am a bit camera-shy). Small excerpts can already be seen in the story or in the small video.
While I was telling Alisa about the tournament life, our team gathered at the riding ring. The final of the 4-year-old stallions was due. Rieke and Fürst Fabrice successfully completed the first part of the test, then there was a change of rider and Philipp Hess swung onto the great stallion. He mastered everything sovereign - in the end Fürst Fabrice became 6th in the Bundeschampionat.
Right on time at 5 pm Hendrik sat on Casalido and rode the S** jumping, the final of the 7-year-old youngsters. Casalido jumped so well, I was expecting a clear round. But then some strength and luck were missing - also here two poles fell towards the end. Where did the good luck go?

Now it had suddenly become very late again. We took care of all the horses, made them "ready for bed" and went into the truck. I hope so much that we will have a bit of luck on our side again in the finals on Sunday.

Confident greetings from Warendorf

Your Celine

Day six

Same procedure as every morning: getting up, looking after the horses, taking care of myself, lunging and riding the horses.
Today was a special day – it was the day of the big final for Diamant de Plaisir, Casino Grande and Comme Prévu.
Comme Prévu was the first to go. He presented himself very motivated in the warm-up.
The course for the 5-year-olds was long and high. Before the triple combination, Comme Prévu lifted his tail and I already knew, that not good. And I was right. He had a slight mistake but overall, he jumped very well and placed in the big final.
After the 5-year-olds had finished is was time for our two 6-year-old horses.
Both horses were ready to go, when we received a call, that the class will start 15 minutes later.
We used the time we had left to start packing our lorry. Then the big final started.
Diamant de Plaisir was our first horses in the ring. Wow, he jumped very well. Because of a wrong decision by Thomas (who was very angry with himself afterwards), Diamant de Plaisir had one fence down.
Casino Grande started four horses after Diamant de Plaisir. He also jumped fantastic and showed that he will compete in Grand Prix in a few years. Unfortunately, Casino Grande had one penalty for time. What a shame! But we were still happy: Casino Grande finished all the courses without any fault and was also placed in the final.
However, this year we were a bit out of luck. But I think I'm complaining on a high level. 5 Sosath stallions were in the final and all were placed. I think we very proud of them.
Together with our team, we finished packing all our stuff in the lorry and drove home.
I would like to thank everyone who said something nice about my blog.
I'm very happy about that and it is a super motivation to pull myself together after a hard day.
Thanks also to Janne, who always proofreads and helps me with everything!

See you soon

Your Celine

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