Numero Uno and Lupicor sons win 1.40m

Feb 20, 2019 - 12:46

It was another week full of good results for offspring of stallions from De Wiemselbach. For example, D'Artagnan B (Numero Uno x Calvados) won the 1.40m class at CSI1* Valencia under the saddle of Matteo Barca and were double clear at the same level two days later. The Lupicor son Dundee (ds.Coriano) also won an international 1.40m class this weekend. He fixed this with Andrew Kocher at the CSIO5* in Wellington. They were also placed sixth in an 1.45m class. In that same class Ennebel van het Posthuijs (Numero Uno x Argentinus) with Eduardo Menezes jumped to the fourth prize.

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