Cadora brings the 10th victory

Jul 4, 2019 - 12:02


The Pedersen family made a great show at its facility in the middle of this week.

Janne was very happy on Tuesday night: She made her 10th victory in a 1.40m class with Cadora. Furthermore she won a prize (boots from Ariat) for the best riding, judged by the successful lady rider Eva Bitter.

Hendrik and Casino Grande placed sixth in a 1.35m jumping class and Lady Cadora was ninth in the 1.40m. Hendrik took the chance to jump Casino Berlin at the great arena to train for CHIO Aachen. He made good rounds with only time faults in the 1.40m and the 1.45m class.
On Wednesday, it was the young horses' turn. Caldanda and Hendrik placed seventh in the youngster jumping class on L-level with a score of 8.2. Comme Prévu placed fourth in the 1.35m. He thus fulfilled the second requirement for the qualification for the Bundeschampionat of 6-year-old show jumpers. Hendrik and Casino Grande finished third in the 1.35m class. Ogano ranked third in the 1.40m

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