Hortensia van de Leeuwerk (by Corland) wins the GP in Mexico

Dec 3, 2019 - 11:20


BALVANERA (MEX) - Hortensia van de Leeuwerk (by Corland) has won the Grand Prix over 1.55m of the Querétaro National Jumping Championship 2019 in Balvanera, Mexico under rider Manuel Gonzalez.
In the 1.45 Hortensia was also unbeatable and she claimed the first place.
Hortensia van de Leeuwerk was sold to Mexico via the VDL stud.

Iamamalba VDL (by Durango VDL) and Gabriel Monterrubio finished fourth in the Prel M. class.

Easy VDL (by Corland) won the reserve championship with Nolberto Torres in the amateur class over 1.25m.


Picture: Hortensia van de Leeuwerk (by Corland)

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