Equestrian Fire Relief Fund - Riders for Riders

Jan 10, 2020 - 16:55


We are shocked about the force of nature and the damage it brings. Our good friends and many of our former horses live on this beautiful continent and it is scary to see that people have no chance to stop the fires. Now it is time to show the strength of the equestrian community.
Let’s support the Australian breeders, riders, owners and horses.

Andrew Hoy is the founder of this campaign:
“To see my home country going up in flames, to see the suffering of people, wildlife and all other animals is just devastating. I have received so many messages from people suffering losses all across the affected areas and I am heartbroken for all of them.

The Australian Equestrian Community so urgently needs the help of the international Equestrian community – financially, but also morally! I hope with this campaign we will be able to make a difference, show our support and get much needed finances to the people affected.”"


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