For Friendship VDL and For Treasure VDL both very successful on sports test in Verden

Mar 17, 2020 - 11:32


VERDEN - Big eights were the result of the sports test of For Friendship VDL (For Pleasure x Carthago) and For Treasure VDL (For Pleasure x Stakkato Gold) in Verden. For Treasure reached a total score of 8.22, while For Friendship with 8.20 was not inferior to his half brother.

For Treasure was previously named reserve champion of Oldenburg-International. In Verden the stallion scored no less than 8.7 for power. For Friendship achieved an 8.5 on power and also an excellent 8.3 on rideability.

You can order fresh semen from both stallions at the VDL Stud.


Picture: For Treasure VDL

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