Van Gogh: proven on top level sport and breeding

Apr 29, 2020 - 18:23

Grand Prix stallion Van Gogh (Numero Uno x Bernstein) breeds Grand Prix showjumpers! Out of the first years of Van Gogh we find numerous horses successful in 1.60m GP showjumping as well as Grand Prix dressage. Especially worth mentioning is the gelding Cosmo (Van Gogh x Frühling), one of the most talented dressage horses in the world, and gold medal winner of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. Successful 1.60m showjumpers by Van Gogh are among others Bella Brown (ds.Gran Corrado), Dalton (ds.Naturel), Le Vio (ds.Drosselklang) and Fabio (ds.Celano) who won the World Cup GP at Guadalajara, Mexico. Van Gogh, who has been part of the German Championship team for years was successful in many international shows and nations cups under the saddle of Marco Kutscher, winning among others the GCT in Valkenswaard, the EEM LA Masters, the EEM Hong Kong Masters and the Zürich Championat.

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